Blessing Prayer For the Christmas Tree


Blessing Prayer For the Christmas Tree
By Edward Hays “Prayers for the Domestic Church

Prayer begins with family gathering around the tree.

Lord of the Forest, Maker of Trees,
we honor You as we dedicate this tree,*
that it be a sign of Christmas in our home.
Green as life are its needled leaves;
open and inviting are its outstretched branches;
strong as love is its trunk.

May the blessing of this tree
call forth from within us
the memory of our ancient parents
who worshipped trees as godly.
May we show reverence and care
toward all the brother and sister trees
of this our Christmas tree.
May we speak to them and sing them songs,
enjoy their shade and eat their fruit.
May we learn wisdom from their stories
and faithfulness from there ever-greenness.

May all trees be for us Christmas trees
and trees of Life
as they become incarnations of God
in our own Garden of Eden.
As Christ died upon the tree of the Cross
that we might be gifted with Life,
May we then remember
that the gifts soon to be placed about this tree
are but reflections of the gifts that came
at the foot of the tree of the Cross.

As sons and daughters of Adam and Eve,
let us rejoice in this tree of Life;
May the spirit of kindness and love
rest upon it.
May the spirit of Christmas
ride in its branches,
this season for all seasons.