Blessing Prayer For the Advent Wreath


Blessing Prayer For the Advent Wreath
By Edward Hays “Prayers for the Domestic Church”

Lord, Source of all Energy and Light,
the ancients saw the sun
as a great fire wheel rolling across the sky.
May our Advent wreath, this small wheel of green,
be for us a symbol of the sun
and of the Son of God.
May it’s ever–greeness
be a sign of life and of light
in the midst of the darkness of winter.
May the candles that burn brightly upon it
remind of Your Son, Jesus,
who was the light of the world.

Grant, Lord, that this our Advent wreath
may be for us and for all who visit our home
a sign of faith in a world grown cold with disbelief,
a symbol of hope in a time of gloom and despair
and a flaming image of love
in a winter of mistrust and hate.

May all who looked upon this symbol of Advent
be encouraged to prepare their hearts
for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
May this green wreath with its bright candles
help us to prepare for the real Christmas
which happens with in our hearts.

May, then, Your blessing–Father of Light,
Son of Glory and Spirit of Love–
be upon this Advent wreath and upon our home.

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