Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter


Michael Fish is a Camaldolese monk and a member of the New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur California. 

Michael has been granted permission to transfer his stability to his Santa Cruz home, now an official “Camaldolese Residence” – St. Romuald’s Hermitage. While remaining under the authority of the Prior, Michael is now a separate, self supporting “mini-monastery.” This is a blessing for him as he maintains his ties to New Camaldoli while continuing to explore solitude and itinerancy as another expression of Camaldolese life and mission. 

Solitude is only part of his calling and he offers retreats, talks and spiritual direction to religious, parochial and lay communities.

Michael, with the assistance of contemporary writing and teachers, continues to develop the notion of “the inner monk”, “the hermit in the world” and how to live a monastic rhythm in the world.

Michael offers retreats on:

  • Contemplative ways of being

  • Discovering the “Inner Monk’

  • Spirituality of Thomas Merton

  • Spirituality of Journey

  • Celtic and 'Green' Spiritually

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