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Compassion: Lenten Retreat / Villa Maria Del Mar, Santa Cruz, California

Compassion: Opening the Doors of Mercy
A Lenten Retreat

Villa Maria Del Mar, Santa Cruz, CA 95062


This retreat is best understood through the lens of a story Fr. Michael Fish shares about the celebrated psychologist and author Helen Luke. In a dream, she was looking at a picture which she knew was important but could make no sense of. Then she heard a voice, “Give the picture a quarter turn,“ and in doing so it suddenly became a beautiful icon. "Compassion: Opening the Doors of Mercy" is a retreat in preparation for holy week and is just this, giving a “quarter turn“ to these mysteries we know so well, approaching them obliquely in the hope of fresh light and understanding. May this retreat be a companion during the Trituum and a guide directing you on the inner journey to the Eastering of the One who is compassion. May He open not only the doors of mercy, but also your eyes, and make your heart blaze with in you.