47 • Silleda

A day of extreme beauty. I had breakfast at 08:00. The temperature, 4°C and overcast and with the wind blowing. Certainly the coldest day on this Camino. I had planned to walk 18 km to the town of Lalin and spend the night there, giving my shins a chance to recover. After an initial section on the road, the Camino veered off again through enchanting oak forests and farm fields.

The Camino alternated between the paths, crossing different roads and highways, then veering up and down through little villages.

I kept looking for the sign and turn off to Lalin but never found it, so continued walking, keeping an eye on the clouds and enjoying the beauty. I eventually came to a Bar and asked the woman how far to Lalin, she looked at me blankly and said Lalin is 6 or 7 km behind you, you’ve passed it. My next question was how far is Silleda and she said 9 km exactly.

The path continued through “Lord of the Rings” forests, Tolkien would’ve had a ball.

I arrived at Silleda around 15:30,