34 • Zamora II

Tomorrow marks the end of the Camino Lavente.  I now have the choice of either linking with the Camino Frances, which was my first Camino and is very busy or with the Camino de la Plata which I walked two years ago. I decided to take today and tomorrow as rest days and decide what the last leg of this Camino will look like.  

After about 11 hours of sleep, I feel somewhat regenerated and had an easy day. Zamora is a beautiful town with 12 Romanesque Churches open to the public, it is on the same River Duero as Toro yesterday and also, like yesterday, a steep climb up to the town. I am amazed at the number of Spanish visitors to the town from early, doing the round of the churches, not tourist style, but reading up about the art and then sitting quietly in silence. One of these churches is right in front of the hostel where I’m staying, I went to mass there at 11:00 this morning, stark, simple lines makes for inner and outer harmony. After the breakfast went to the tourist office and with a map began my own to Camino of 12 churches.

I hope to take tomorrow as a day of rest as well, and then set out on Monday, the feast of St Teresa, on the final section of this Camino. As I walked around today I was struck by the quality of Spanish life, there is elegance in their pace of life, the way they dress, eat and relax, each plaza is perpetually fully of people sipping coffee, beer, wine, taking their time, until the early hours of morning, perhaps one of the lessons of this Camino for me.