24 • Escalona

I set out for Maqueda, the next village about 7.5 Km away. For some reason heading North rather than West so I was much more conscious this morning of daybreak and eventually, sunrise. The  effect of the light once again on the fields and road ahead was spectacular, especially as the first light caught the golden harvested wheat fields. One thing I’ve learned about this Camino is that it is counter intuitive. Every time I determine where headed, the Camino takes a suddenly turn in the opposite direction to what I thought would be my destination, so I’ve been trying to presuppose nothing and surrender to the road, not so easy, the mind keeps jumping to conclusions.

From early  morning, mountains dominated the horizon, as I moved towards Escalona they became more and more prominent. My destination is a partially walled town from the 15th century, a steep climb through the gate of Saint Michael brought me into the Plaza Mayor.