21 • Toledo

A joy to sleep in. Woke up, leisurely packed and then heard the bell for Mass in the Church across the street. I made it to the church just before Mass and asked the priest for the stamp. Another young guy, very welcoming, he had to return to his house to get the stamp when he returned, in broken English, said “the whole parish embraces you on your journey, remember us in Santiago”.

It was cool this morning, around about 51°F and the road alternated between olive groves and new housing developments. As I wrote yesterday, these small villages around Toledo are fast becoming dormitory towns. Was about 8 km to Toledo, a most enjoyable and relaxed walk. The guy who’s blog I have been following, from Valencia to Toledo, suggested that instead of going to usual pilgrimage route to turn left instead of right and to cross a stone bridge dedicated to Saint Martin which would save, at least, 3 km walk.